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Give life to your tires!

Allegrini has always been at your side to offer you new products and evolving a range of solutions dedicated to car care. Given the success of ROTABRILL 65 G GREEN and the demands of today's market we felt it appropriate to implement our offer with the new version ROTABRILL 65 G INCOLORE offering you an alternative that you will definitely appreciate.

ROTABRILL 65 G COLOURLESS is a protective brightener for rubber surfaces, and in particular of tires. Diluted with water and sprayed on the tires, restores the original black colour and keeps them elastic over time. Easily absorbed by the tire, it leaves no greasy residue and does not stain. Through a different dilution, you can get a glossy or matt effect on the tire. Do not scrub.

The excellence of the raw materials contained, make ROTABRILL 65 G INCOLORE a high-performance product, even at different dilutions. His colorless formulation is designed to prevent that any splashes may leave stains on the rims and the bodywork when starting the vehicle.


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