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The new active foams for car washing

In the development of the new Neos line, Allegrini includes two excellent references: the active foams for car washing, Neos Active Foam and Neos Active Foam Frizz.

Like all the other products in the line, Neos Active Foam and the super-scented version Neos Active Foam Frizz have also been formulated by Allegrini's R&D laboratories with the aim of improving and facilitating the work of professionals in the sector.

Based on a special active foam formula, both products remove dustoily dirt and static dirt (traffic film) without the use of sponges and brushes.

The foam stays on the car surfaces for a long time, allowing a superior cleaning action and, consequently, excellent cleaning results.

In addition, thanks to the film that forms on the car surfaces, the product keeps dust and dirt away and restores a shiny and glow aspect to the bodywork.

Not only that. Field tests confirm many other advantages of the two Allegrini active foams:


  1. Excellent value for quantity: the action of the foams is ensured at lower grammages than the average ones of the market;
  2. Easy to use: they avoid the formation of additional foam during the rinsing phase and prepare the car for the following washing phases;
  3. Instructions for use: they can be used on all foaming systems, but also with the nebulizer during the pre-washing phase;
  4. Visual impact on the customer: they emphasize the scenographic effect during the pre-washing phase;
  5. Effectiveness in all situations: ensure excellent performance even in the presence of medium-hard waters;
  6. Long-lasting scent during the use of Neos Active Foam Frizz: it spreads in the air a pleasant and persistent clean fragrance.


Choose Neos Active Foam if you want for your car:


>>> an antistatic effect that prevents the dirt and dust deposit

>>> an extra-glossy effect

>>> clean and shiny surfaces


To see the effectiveness of the results of Neos Active Foam, watch this video.


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