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The new car drying wax

Allegrini's commitment continues in the creation of the new Neos line, an exclusive range of professional products for the car characterized by high performance, not only in terms of cleanliness.

Each product, in fact, has been formulated with quality raw materials, selected after careful research that put the effectiveness of the results in first place.

Tests carried out by the Allegrini team of experts have also confirmed this for the brand new drying wax.


Based on highly reactive modified silanes, Neos Wax Lucent - this is its name - is able to give an extreme shine to the car bodywork.

The reason why it succeeds in making this super glossy and super bright aspect is given by a film that the wax forms on the external surfaces which, among other things, is also protective because it avoids the dirt anchoring, it protects the car from atmospheric agents and it facilites subsequent washing.

The formulation of the new wax also allows the optimal drop flowability under the ventilation flow thanks to the film that makes the surfaces hydrophobic and hydrorepellent.

For those who use it manually, Neos Wax Lucent allows to reduce car finishing times, speeding up the work.

And for those who are still not convinced to try it out: Neos Wax Lucent is ideal for all types of water, including hard ones!


Choose Neos Wax Lucent if you want for your car body:


>>> a glossy effect that valorize the colour deepness

>>> an ultra bright mirror effect

>>> a shield effect against dirt and smog


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