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The new pre-washing detergent for cars

By Allegrini's R&D laboratories, Neos Prewash, the new pre-washing detergent for cars.

For the italian company, it is the first in a series of new 2019 products dedicated to the automotive sector: at the basis of the formulations, the high quality, both of raw materials and of the finished product.

Tested by some experts of the professional sector and already considered one of the best in the Allegrini range, Neos Prewash is a concentrated detergent with high cleaning power able to obtain excellent performance in the removal of stubborn dirt such as grease, sludge and smog.

The undisputed characteristics of Neos Prewash are: the highly degreasing and at the same time delicate foam on the car body, the ease of rinsing that allows to prepare the car optimally for the next steps and a formulation that during spraying does not release those unpleasant odors to the sense of smell, typical of detergents in this category.

Allegrini's historical philosophy is in fact respected in the formulation because it was created following a careful research and selection of first quality surfactants with the aim of improving the work of professionals in the sector.

Dosed with a foaming device, the product grips well to the external surface of the car without drying out. Also suitable for pre-washing tarpaulins, rims, wheels, engines and chassis.


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