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Car Fresheners by captivating and funny design to customize your driving experience!


Allegrini presents the new line of ALL FRESH BOX perfumers, all inspired by the world of emoticons.


The line consists of six pleasant fragrances that will give you a sensory journey, whatever your destination is!


ALL FRESH BOX POLINESIAN FOREST will lead you to the tropical forests of Polynesia;

ALL FRESH BOX LAVANDA will send back to the open fields of Provence;

ALL FRESH BOX VANIGLIA will return a gentle relaxation, recalling the oriental perfumes;

ALL FRESH BOX PINO will take you to the mountains of your favourite winter destinations;

ALL FRESH BOX AGRUMI will transport you under the warm sun of Sicily.

ALL FRESH BOX CARAIBI will drive you to the distant Caribbean beaches.


Thanks to its formulation with highly-concentrated gel and to a simple unscrewing adjustment, every All Fresh Box releases its measured fragrance constantly, ensuring its effectiveness up to 45 days and leaving no spills throughout the period of use.


The quality of Allegrini products joins the market trends and a unique style. To characterize the fragrance, in fact, it is a captivating and funny design: six friendly gold smile are printed on each blister, to give you the opportunity to express yourself at best, also in your car!


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