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Innovative detergent for carpets and fabrics

We know that the fabric surfaces inside cars and vehicles often report stains difficult to remove.
From Allegrini laboratories TEKNO IN is born: new liquid detergent for the washing of carpets and car interior fabrics.
TEKNO IN is a low specific foam liquid detergent for washing of carpets and fabrics of various kinds. E 'with an excellent sanitizing detergent power and also acts on the dirt nestled in the deepest fibers. It guarantees the best cleaning results to match the color of your seats and floor mats, reviving them at the same time. TEKNO IN is a product especially designed for use with extraction machines. Also ideal for cleaning sofas, armchairs, velvet, alcantara and all surfaces covered in fabric.

• Best performance: easily removes any type of stain ensuring less expenditure of time and energy.

• Incomparable value for money: the extraordinary price of this product will allow you to be even more competitive on the market.

• Fresh fragrance to prolonged effect: drop in the passenger a pleasant and fresh scent that lasts a long time.


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