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Bacterial products for wastewater treatment in car wash

Allegrini launches a new line of products for biological wastewaters purifiers in car wash.

The All Bacti range consists of three bacterial products specially formulated for wastewater treatment, coming from car washing: All Bacti PolvereAll Nutri Bacti and All Bacti Deo.

Based on mixtures of non-genetically modified natural bacterial strains, the products are high quality and harmless to humans and the environment.

Their function is to optimize the operation of biological purification system and to improve it in case of inefficiency and inconvenience.


Why choose the All Bacti line for your car wash?


>>> Reduces bad odors caused by waste water, reducing their emanation in a natural way

>>> Allows to effectively return into the parameters allowed by current legislation (COD, BOD5, Nitrogen etc.)

>>> Ensures a correct and immediate restart in case of a purifier malfunction

>>> Improves the performance of the biological purifier

>>> Stimulates bacterial growth of purification plants

>>> Improves the reduction of pollutants


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